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Animal Friends

Professional Dog Trainer/Animal Behaviorist

Professional Dog Training "At Your Home"

In Home Dog Training

Any behavioral problem, I am the one to teach you, plus all basic skills.


  • 12 years experience managing an animal shelter
  • Hands on with approximately 12,000.animals
  • Trained by three professional Dog Trainers
    • worked with all abused & rescued animals to trust humankind again
    • assessed all incoming for personalities and issues
    • trained all while at shelter
    • all breeds of Dogs
    • all ages - from puppy to seniors.
  • Personally own four dogs
    • Pitbull 16+
    • Gladiator Doberman
    • German Shepherd
    • Red Dobie

All were rescued dogs from shelters, non trained with many behavioral problems.


Standard rates: $40 per hour (travel up to 25 miles -- extra travel negotiable)

Please contact Barbara at 425-483-3735 (please leave message with your phone number or email and Barbara will contact you) or . Learn "for real" effective ways to help your "Best Animal Friends."


Phone: 425-483-3735


Make an online appointment now